• We can rebuild any Starter and Alternator!
  • Quality Remanufactured and New!
  • Huge Inventory (30K+ Units)!
  • We can rebuild any Starter and Alternator!
  • Quality Remanufactured and New!
  • Huge Inventory (30K+ Units)!

1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 Cadillac 12V Mini Hi-Torque V8 1107657, 3657


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Yale forklift Mini Hi-Torque Starter Mdt-6012 12 Volt 1972-1978

This is a Quality Premium 12 Volt Gear Reduction Mini Starter
More Torque, More Power, Quicker Starts

Mdt-6012 mdf6012/ 5615 lester

Replaces The Following:

1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978
Yale lift Truck continental engines

  • We also have 12 Volt Alternator kits.
  • This starter has about 50% more torque as the early standard Autolite and draws less amps during cranking. It weighs only 8 pounds, the original weighs about 17 pounds.
  • This Starter has a built in Solenoid, It will hook up just like the original
  • This Starter is rated at 1.2 to 1.4 kilo watts this works out to 1.9h. This is one of the most powerful mini race starters you can install on a old Cadillac. It is a modified late model Nippon Denso Offset Gear Reduction Starter.
  • This starter has a solid Billet housing with two mounting bolt holes the top and bottom.
  • This starter will also resist hot start problems this is a great upgrade. This is a quality built unit. The aluminum mounting plate can be rotated in different locations for additional clearance if necessary.
  • The solenoid has all new contacts, The drive clutch has all new heavy duty springs and rollers with high temp grease designed for starter drives. The hardware is not blasted to bare metal like all the others but PLATED to resist rust.
  • We use pictures of our own product not someone else's, what you see is what you get
  • It is remanufactured and assembled here the USA not overseas.
  • We have a large inventory Quality New and Remanufactured Alternators and Starters and in stock with 35 years experience call us at (801) 467-2902 or email us at support@snap-usa.com

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